Quicky tippies

  • Freeze battered items for 20 minutes before frying them up. This makes your batter less likely to come off in the fryer and extra crispy all around. (yes that includes cheesesticks!)
  • The only time you can season pasta itself is while it is boiling. Just add a little salt to your boiling water before you add the pasta.
  • If it “taste just like chicken” they probably can’t figure out how to describe the taste and it probably taste nothing like chicken.
  • Spinach has 3 times the protein than red meat calorie for calorie
  • Check the label and learn the nutrition of the food fresh; Frozen and canned is not always bad but it can have hidden dangers.
  • Remember potatoes start oxidizing the second you slice them. Keep them in water to prevent browning until you are ready to use or use immediately after slicing.
  • Remember the king of vitamin C is not orange :O it is actually lemon with over 30% more DV than oranges.
  • Replace at least 1/2 of the oil in your brownies and cakes with applesauce. It makes them healthier, more moist, and even “yummier.”
  • Remember Marinade your chicken tenders for 24 hours before frying/baking for moist, tender, fall apart goodness.
  • Remember Spinach and kale can interfere with antibiotics working properly so slow down on the leafy greens when you are on them!.
  • Remember Turnip and Collard Greens can thin the blood and cause complications with pregnancies and diabetes if you over indulge. Always ask your doctor if it is something you should risk.
  • Remember When trying to introduce new foods to tiny tummies, start with plain and savory foods save the sweet foods for later or that is all they will want!

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