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Snack Time: Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs-Kinako Flavor

I try to make sure when it is time for a meal that the family stops what they are doing and we all sit down together. That being said, I also love snacking. Especially when I am working on a project or at work, I am more likely to snack or “graze” then stop to…

Let’s get Reacquainted

Hello Again,(Or just Hello if you haven’t been here before)When I started this blog I was a stay at home with a tiny little mini me trying to learn how to parent. Since then I have worked more than one job, moved 3 times, dealt with being a single mom who sometimes for went eating…

EZ food Starts with the Right “Pantry”

Let’s face it, unless you live next door to a grocery or market, you probably aren’t going to make a run for ingredients every day.  Most people either under buy or over buy food. You either end up running out of something you need unexpectedly or you discover what use to be something edible, growing…

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