Snack Time: Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs-Kinako Flavor

I try to make sure when it is time for a meal that the family stops what they are doing and we all sit down together. That being said, I also love snacking. Especially when I am working on a project or at work, I am more likely to snack or “graze” then stop to eat. If I didn’t have other people’s tummies to account for I am not sure I would ever eat a full on meal.

Growing up around so many different cultures and foods, some of my favorite snacks are the ones I get from the international or Korean markets. When the Pandemic first hit and everything shutdown here it wasn’t worth the risk to drive to one of those markets and my local grocery store didn’t have much in the first place. Luckily, everyone was in the same boat and getting snacks online has become easier, cheaper, and safer.

Today I am going to try a snack from Japan that I received from my Bokksu subscription. This is not a review on Bokksu but, there are tons of reviews and sponsees already online if you want to see and know more. I will put my favorite Bokksu sponsees/reviewers at the end for you.*

Fact Sheet- Funwari Meijin Mochi Puffs – Kinako Flavor

  • Made by Echigo Seika in the Niigata Prefecture
  • Primary Ingredient: Rice
  • Common Allergens in this Flavor: Soy
  • Vegetarian Snack
  • Contains 69calories, .9g Protein, 4.1g Fat, 7gCarbs, and 1g Salt per 12.5g Package
  • Other Flavors: Cheese, Strawberry, Sakura Shrimp, Amazake, Sweet Potato, and More

How is it?

I was pretty excited because I love mochi but the rest of my family is not a big fan of the texture that comes along with traditional mochi snacks. My partner actually called it “rice flubber.” Mochi is at it’s core is a rice cake that in most forms is a bit sticky and similar in texture to a fresh marshmallow. I remember the first time having mochi when I was ten in my Japanese class. But that is a story for another time.

There is a thin dusting of Kinako (roasted soybean powder) on the outside of a giant puff ball. When you bite into it, it is super light and crispy like puffed rice cereal but then it starts to melt almost immediately. Every piece is hollow and airy.
This snack is classified by Bokksu as a sweet snack and at first it is sweet. However, by the time you are done with the first puff the roasted part of the kinako kicks in and it reminds me of a roasted peanuts. After eating a couple it really taste and feels like a lighter version of a homemade peanut butter cookie to me. Unfortunately, with all bagged snacks that are so poppable, they are gone quickly without realizing it.

Would my family eat it? Yes, even the picky ones. As a matter of fact one of the kids has several nut allergies but has no issues with soy and this is the closest thing to a peanut butter cookie I have found that she would be able to eat and enjoy. Was I looking for a peanut butter cookie flavored snack? Of course not, but it is super similar in taste.

Would I buy this again/on it’s own?

Yes! I have already looked up pricing and quantities online and am eyeballing the second package in the box. I love everything about this snack. the dust may be a tiny bit messy on your fingers but that is the risk you take using your hands to eat anything. Grab a pair of chopsticks or a fork if you want to keep it off your fingers (cheese puffs, Doritos, and all kinds of other chips are more messy though just saying)

In Conclusion! This for me is a perfect late night snack instead of a bowl of cereal (yes I am that person) or if you just want a little sweet treat without going too sweet. It is satisfying enough that I don’t feel like I need more than one pack at a time, though it is yummy enough.

seal of Approval

*If you want to check out my favorite Bokksu Reviews (and other food content) check out TabiEats on Youtube!