Spinach spinach everywhere, even in the tip-star of the day!

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Many people (myself included) think of horrible green mush when they think of spinach. I mean, Popeye got his spinach out of a can and I would never want to ingest that. So let’s take a look at the good and the bad about spinach.

In my opinion these are some bad things about spinach:
Any and all canned spinach-It is mushy and smells funny and good luck getting a kid to eat it.
Creamed spinach – A good creamed spinach may taste good but the chances are you ingesting more fat, cholesterol, and sodium than you care to know. That is what makes it taste good.
Frozen spinach – When is the last time you got frozen spinach that wasn’t either flavorless water or bitter water? It can be great for making spinach dip but that is about as far as it goes.
Some good things about spinach:
Fresh Baby Spinach leaves – They aren’t bitter and a lot of times it is pre-washed and ready to go for less per oz than frozen or canned.
Protein-You know spinach is good for you but did you know that calorie for calorie spinach has 3 times the protein as red meat. (I love steak ;but that is impressive.)
Cold or Hot – Wether you cook it, leave it raw, or just wilt it, spinach can be the star or blend into a meal and be a healthy ninja.
So that is nice but what do you do with spinach to get bang for your buck?

♦Tip-star of the day: SPINACH♦

Use spinach leaves in the place of or in addition to lettuce on your sandwiches or even in your salad. It will add flavor and nutrition to you food without any extra work

Spinach and tomato sauces are best friends. Tear up your leaves and pop them into your favorite tomato sauces. The longer it is in there the less you’ll taste the spinach, so you control how prominent the flavor is (if at all) and again you add serious nutrition.

Eat Spinach wraps instead of flour wraps when you can. They are available in most grocery stores mixed in with the tortillas. This will benefit you by swapping a few bad things in regular wraps with something better. This will not give you a huge boost if only once in a while but you may like the taste a lot more.

The closer to raw the better it is for you so try to eat it raw. You will see in many of my recipes where I add spinach for more color and nutrition without altering the taste of the meal.

And in case you want to know:

We talked about protein being in spinach but so are: Vitamin C,  Vitamin A, Iron, and Calcium. It has no fat, no cholesterol, no sugar, and is a low sodium food. It even has a splash of Fiber you need to stay….you know.

So Don’t be afraid of spinach. Try and see what you like best!