Eating Rainbow pt 8 (a Series in yuminess continues)

It’s the next to last color in our series and If you have caught on to the pattern I am using you might be able to guess what today’s color is.
No I am not going to make you try to read white text on a white background. That would be just mean but, white IS our “color” for the day. Normally you hear people preach about avoiding white foods. However, unlike people, not all white foods are created equal and should not be banished from your table.
മലയാളം: Garlic
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Garlic can protect your neck from vampires but it can also help protect your immune system with over 70% you DV of Vitamin C. It also is a very good source of Vitamin B-6 and Maganese, which will help you keep going day in and day out. Did you also know that garlic has a significant amount of calcium? Despite having a powerful smell, garlic really has no downsides. It even is an extremely strong anti-inflammatory strong enough to make minor swelling go down.
I vant to eat more Garlic: Keep a toothbrush handy if you are going to just start munching the stuff (ew). You can add garlic to almost any marinade, sauce, and soup. If you can’t stand the strong taste of garlic, grate your garlic instead of chopping it and saute it a bit. It will help your garlic taste a little sweeter. Don’t forget the old standby garlic bread. Rubbing a roasted garlic clove on toasty bread is always a yummy compliment to spaghetti and meatballs 😀
Eggs of a Quail (Coturnix sp.), in comparison ...
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There are lots of eggs out there. In this case I am referring to boring chicken eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and iron. They even have vitamin A and calcium, as well as selenium. 1 cup of eggs (about 4 large eggs) has almost 150% of you DV of selenium. And if you are worried about cholesterol from the yolks, Don’t be! Recently doctors and scientists have been rethinking and analyzing the true danger of yolks. They now feel that the amount of cholesterol is not only “good cholesterol” but you would have to eat a big amount (about 5 or 6 large egg yolks) per a meal to make the bad outweigh the good. So leave at least one yolk in both for nutrition and flavor.
An egg-cellent way to get more eggs (just gets cheesier doesn’t it): Throw an egg either fried or hard-boiled (depending on how healthy you want) on top of any salad (except maybe one with marshmallows). You can also throw egg into stir-frys all scrambled up. And of course, eating omelets is always fun. If you aren’t feeling inventive then just cook up an egg your favorite way with a little kosher salt and pepper and have at it!
Sea Scallops:
Scallops have up to 100 simple eyes
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A lot of people are afraid of scallops. Not the taste but the actually cooking process. Scallops are very easy to cook and delicious! Scallops are very good sources of protein, Vitamin B12, selenium and phosphorus. We need phosphorus because it is like the building block for our teeth, bones, cell membranes, and even our DNA. Low phosphorus cause some of the worst side effects but luckily, it is easy to get. Scallops are low in fat and high in potassium.
More Scallops…I don’t have a joke for that one: Season them with simple seasonings and throw them in a skillet.  They are great alone, in other seafood dishes, and with bacon wrapped around it (if you are feeling naughty). You can also get little teeny tiny scallops called bay scallops, to mix into your favorite dishes and even replace other seafood with. Next time you are experimenting, try throwing some on your pizza. Just saying!
It’s alright to get more White:
You don’t want to dive into the nearest bag of white sugar (unless you are 5 yrs old then it is great!). Onions are great to season with and saute with. I don’t care for tofu but it is good for you if you don’t have too much. They are now finding that too much soy can have adverse effects but it has to be a lot. Milk is the white super food. If you are scared of the fat in milk, buy 2% so you still get the nutrients milk provides. Buttermilk is made with skim milk (it has almost no fat unlike its namesake), so that is also great for marinading chicken. Daikon (japanese radish) and ginger can bring life and flavor to most meals and grits and rice are great basis for your favorite food. So go wander around the store and try to go for naturally white and not bleached. Your tummy will thank you.