My “boring” and “fancy” sandwich.

“What am I gonna do with these odds and ends in my fridge? They are gonna go bad. Too tired to make something big and there isn’t enough here. Maybe I will just eat cereal or PB&J. No Milk. I’M SO HUNGRY!” This is how my day began after I got the baby fed changed and happy. Staring into the fridge and my brain is begging me to go back to sleep and just forget eating. But my stomach is a lot more vocal than my brain.  Then I realized my fridge and my stomach are in cahoots.

the bounties forgotten

Comfort sandwich 2 ways 

 Now I will warn you both of these sandwiches are not exactly “behaving.” But you can adjust them to make them not so naughty. This almost doesn’t count as a recipe. The second way is just for fun and I have only had probably twice in my life but it’s yummy.

The “boring” way

so yummmmyyyyyy

What you Need:For one sandwich

1 large egg or 2 medium eggs
2  slices  Tomato cut in half
2 strips of cooked bacon cut in half (if making a large batch use this bacon cooking tip by my WordPress friend)
1/4 cup baby spinach leafs or 1 big crisp piece of lettuce
2 slices of your favorite sandwich bread (I used whole wheat)
1 thin slice of cheese (I used american and swiss together but shh)
1 pinch of black pepper

How it’s done:

~First preheat your skillet or pan to about medium heat. While preheating make sure you start slicing everything up if you have not already.
I was bad and used butter :3
 ~Then use you preferred oil method (ie. cooking spray, cooking oils, or butter type products) on HALF the pan. This will be the half you cook your egg in. The other half is reserved for re-heating your bacon.
~Crack your egg and cook it however you prefer. I cook mine in between over-easy and over-medium so there is a teeny pocket of yolk that can run on the rest of my sandwich when I eat it. (the best part)
this thing is older than me but I love it *hug*
~While your egg cooks place your bacon in the other half of your pan and start toasting up your bread. (I do not own a toaster so behold my beautiful toaster over from the 1980’s)
~Before you put your sandwich together please add your pepper to your egg but DO NOT SALT. The cheese and bacon will be enough salt for most people.

The “fancy” way

As I said before this is just for fun and I have only had it this way twice when a friend and I use to buy ridiculous things randomly to experiment.

How to make it “fancy”

Follow the previous recipe by trading out the following. If you actually make this you will swear it has to be illegal.

Chicken Egg -> Duck

 EggBacon -> Prosciutto

Black Pepper -> Drizzle Truffle Oil

Sandwich Bread -> Brioche

Cheese -> Fontina Cheese

So there you have my pseudo recipe and an example on when I “misbehave” with my eating a little. What is your fridge telling you?

My future tase tester