“Arroz con Abuela” and the memories within.

“Corazon when you make this, I want you to think of me.” That was how learning to make “Arroz con Abuela” began. I know it sounds like there are grandmas in the rice but there aren’t. Abuela was not my grandmother. She wasn’t in any way related to me. She was however my Abuela and I was her Corazon. I became part of an amazing family through a friend and they often joked about adopting me from my own wonderful family. Now whenever I make my Abuela’s version of Arroz con Leche, I think of those times and all the feelings of warmth and love that came with it. The best part is how delicious it is. I am sure it breaks many rules, but try it just once.

Arroz Con Abuela

What you need:
112 oz can evaporated milk
1/2 cup water
8 drops of vanilla extract or 2 vanilla beans
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
sliced strawberries
black berries cut in half
2 cups short white rice
How it’s done:
~ On medium heat add evaporated milk and water to large sauce pan and whisk to combine.
~gradually add rice to pan whisking the whole time to evenly distribute.
~bring to a boil and cook for 6 minutes or until rice is tender and mixture is thickened. Whisk constantly (your arm will get tired)
~removed from heat and add vanilla and cinnamon. mix well.
~serve up hot (not cold) with all the berries on top.
Makes 4 small servings or 1 roxy serving

Simple right? You can add any fruits fresh or dried that you want. I know some people will say “that isn’t right!” but that is why it is arroz con abuela. I’m sure she makes it every morning in heaven and they love it!