Let’s get Reacquainted

Hello Again,(Or just Hello if you haven’t been here before)
When I started this blog I was a stay at home with a tiny little mini me trying to learn how to parent. Since then I have worked more than one job, moved 3 times, dealt with being a single mom who sometimes for went eating so my kid could eat, found the love of my life, got married (unknowingly right before a global pandemic) and now I have a great career, an adoring husband, 3 bonus kids (and one daughter in-law), my mini me, my niece and nephew are now my kids, and life is crazy. But one thing that has always remained is my love for food, cooking, getting creative in the kitchen, and sharing all of it with others. Sharing is also so relaxing and I hope you will feel good when you read/see what I have to share.

What to expect

First I would say, here is one thing to not expect; don’t expect a regimented schedule on here. I do have an ever changing day to day and a lot of lives that depend on me but this is something I enjoy and I want to enjoy it with you here and on other social media.
SO back to the question at hand. What should you expect?
Teas. I love tea and not just good ol’ Sweet Tea from here in the South. I have a tiny not so tiny collection of teas and I know I am not the only tea lover out there.
Food Stories. A lot of people have fond memories and stories related to food. I plan on sharing my stories and hopefully some of you will share yours.
Snacks. I don’t know if you can quite call it reviews but you can expect me to share my thoughts on snacks and treats. I like trying different snacks from the store, online, and sometimes I even splurge and get snacks from other countries.
Recipes. Of course if I will share recipes sometimes. Even if it is something a lot of people make, the little differences and twists we all add can be fun to share and try.
And more food stuffs!

With that, It is nice to meet you again and let’s share and enjoy food together!