A Double Dose of Addiction

I have a new addiction. Honestly, I have two and it is totally my mail carrier’s fault. Every month I receive a box full of yummy goodies to sample from around the world (except the bloody mary flavored ants, yuck).  This box is part of the “Love with Food” program*. It is also part of my downward spiral into addiction

The culprit.

The Culprit

Every now and then I get “the munchies” and I reach for some sort of salty, crunchy, greasy chip. I have found something that has replaced that destroyer of diets.  My first addiction and savior is a bag of plantain chips. Yes I know I said a whole bag but they aren’t THAT BIG. They are so crunchy and “munchable.” My favorite pre-packed ones are Turbana 100% Natural plantain chips. they are slightly sweet but not like a dessert.  Because they only have 1 gram of sugar in an entire 1 ounce bag I don’t mind my little one helping me (not that i really need the help).  The best part is they only have three ingredients (vegetable oil, plantain, and sugar) yet they are full of flavor. I sneak them at work when I am low on energy.
me sneaking some at work.

me sneaking some at work.

Sometimes even chips cannot satisfy our need to eat something bad and “munchable.” Some of us turn to candy and eat our weight in empty calories coated in chemicals and preservatives (yummy, gluttonous chemicals). My second addiction is a candy that I can feel good about and at the same time, feel like I shouldn’t be eating it.  Surf Sweets Fruity Bears are sooo good and have a unique texture that satisfies every candy craving. They are also 100% Natural and although they have about 32 grams of sugar in a 1 ounce package, they have 100% D.V. of vitamin C. The best part is they come in a sour variety too!
Double the flavors for double the addiction!

Double the flavors for double the addiction!

As you can see both addictions are healthier, organic, and aren’t your everyday addictions. However they are delicious and the fact that they are so good makes me not care one bit if I am addicted. If you have a healthy addiction embrace it! And if your addiction isn’t healthy that is ok too. Sometimes what makes an addiction so good is how bad we feel indulging it.

*Every box from Love with Food donates a meal to American children in need. To find out more and order/gift boxes for yourself just go to the websites HERE

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