An Experiment in Cookie Desperation

You ever get the feeling that if you don’t get to eat something you will go crazy? For me I needed chocolate chip cookies. Honestly I needed any cookies (except oatmeal raisin). Normally that is no problem. A little butter, eggs, salt, brown sugar……and then it hit me; I have a lot of problems this time.


I have no butter or margarine. Ok no problem, I have some shortening spray that worked before. Now I just need…no brown sugar…..Ok I know how to use honey instead not a problem. Cookies are good to go! And then I realized I have no baking soda only baking powder…Ok ok so just double the powder and leave out the salt. I WANT COOKIES! But then I have no eggs, and I hate mayo in my cookies. These stopped being cookies long ago. Maybe I should give up. Then I find AppleSauce!These will either be the amazing or absolutely horrible.

The dough taste really good. It’s a little different in taste (you can taste the honey sweetness instead of sugar sweetness) but, it taste promising. I put them in the oven and do a little prayer to the cookie gods. And this is how they came out.


I know you aren’t suppose to experiment with baking and use exact measurements. And despite my good intentions…I broke both rules. It was worth it though they are soooo yummy. The sugar/Honey may not be very good for me but still…I want to eat them all! Go ahead and experiment! indulge your “yum senses” (yes that is a technical term).