The Last word on “Super” pomegranates (for now)

An opened up pomegranate.

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So the last couple post have featured pomegranates; and most people know it is a “super-fruit.” Most people also have no other knowledge about pomegranates; and in some cases haven’t even seen one in person. It is time to eliminate the doubts, the fears, and the general cluelessness (is that even a word? i don’t think it is).

The pomegranate – Punica granatum*

Pomegranate flowers

Image by kretyen via Flickr

The pomegranate grows on trees mainly across the Indian sub-continent, iran, and mediterranean regions. Some forms of the tree are fruitless and grown specifically for its flowers (not edible), but most of these trees are cultivated for the yummy fruit and sent around the world. Pomegranates vary in color from a sort of fuchsia color all the way to a yellow-orange. Both the outside and the white “membrane” inside are not edible. The only edible part are the red to purple jewels of juice called, arils. Each aril has a seed inside that is also edible and generally only hard in over-matured fruits. One fruit can have hundreds of arils!

Good Eats for your Health

Like most fruits, pomegranates have no cholesterol and no saturated fat. They have almost the same calories as apples and help with digestion. Pomegranates are full of antioxidants that help greatly reduce your risk of heart disease as well. And if you suffer from other cancers or diabetes, pomegranates help fight and reduce symptoms of both! I’m sure it isn’t surprising that pomegranates are good sources of vitamins C, B, K and E. They even have calcium and potassium! The best part is, they have a longer shelf life than most fruits thanks to their tough outer skin.

Getting more Pom’ in your life

Pomegranate Seeds taken by User:Pschemp. Its t...

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~Make your own juice or buy juice that is made from real pomegranate.

~Smoothies! Add pomegranate to any smoothie or other iced beverage. You can freeze the arils before popping them in the blender to retain more texture if you want.

~You can even add it to your favorite hot or cold tea. They also make pomegranate herbal tea in bags available at more grocery stores.

  • ~Add it to your baked goods, even the savory ones. It will give pop and flavor to your baked goods like my Savory Pomegranate bread.
  • ~Adding Pomegranate to any glazes or sauces is as easy as popping them in a blender or hot pan.
  • ~Eating the arils all by them selves is always welcome and yummy

And if you still aren’t sure how to prep your pomegranate I have that covered to with my easy quick steps. So enjoy this fruit of mystery and know it isn’t so mysterious after all. It’s all around good for you and it doesn’t “taste like health food.”

*name found at

3 thoughts on “The Last word on “Super” pomegranates (for now)

    • for a lot of people just looking at it is intimidating enough to forget all about it. I’m glad your friend introduced it to you. I can’t imagine my life without a little pomegranate XD

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