A treasure hunt for precious jewels.

When is the last time you had pomegranate in your house that wasn’t already juiced, crushed, mashed, baked or in a rare case, fried? Did you stare at the strange alien fruit wondering how you were gonna get the precious jewels of juice/flavor out? Maybe you got them out but ended up with stains all over yourself and your kitchen. Or maybe you ended up destroying way more of those jewels than you liked. Either way I have a quick easy and stain-free way to get to the treasure within. (your kitchen and clothes will thank you)

What you need:
  • pomegranate (duh)
  • bowl of cold water
  • knife
  • strainer
What to do:
~Wash your pomegranate so you don’t contaminate your insides with your outsides
~cut right down the middle of the pomegranate blossom side up (that weird growth is the blossom)
~put both halves in the bowl of cold water quickly. pomegranates are very buoyant.
~cut into the side of a half just enough to began carefully peeling the fruit back from the arils (the jewels). you can gently rub the arils to get them to detach if they don’t fall on their own.
floats so well that an entire half will float
~the arils will sink to the bottom and everything else will float. Make sure you take the fruit thoroughly apart to get every aril. the water will dilute any juice you accidentally leak and protect the arils from popping.
~lay out on a paper towel to dry
~use immediately or you can freeze them in a plastic bag for over a month.

It takes longer to type this than to do it. So now you can have pomegranate your way any day and you don’t have to dye yourself pink.

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