My war on Bell Peppers (they started it)

Assorted bell pepper fruits from Mexico

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Bell Peppers are colorful, mild, and good for you. They are in tons of dishes from around the world. Yet, I run at the idea of them. I don’t even eat them in Philly cheese steaks. Why? Well, they started it!
My mom is highly allergic to bell peppers and even the smell makes her sick. So growing up, my life was pretty much bell pepper free. I had no desire to have bell peppers and I avoided them at all cost.  But then I got older and started eating outside of the home a lot more in highschool and college. Little did I know that there was an army waiting to ambush me.
I don’t know about other countries, but in America restaurants and recipes seem to add bell peppers to anything and everything whether they belong or not. Some of these are obvious and common but, I found peppers in my soup, sauces, chinese, every dish at almost every italian restaurant, mexican, japanese, chili dogs, meatloaf, every frozen meal on the planet, and even inside my seafood! After being attacked with an itchy throat and fever from various outings, I began to learn where bell peppers hide whether listed or not. Then I went to the hospital to have my little girl…THERE WERE BELL PEPPERS IN EVERY MEAL! Even my turkey sandwich! I had listed that i was allergic but the kitchen staff apparently didn’t care. I had my nurses and family running everywhere trying to find food I could actually eat. The only plus side is my nose can smell bell peppers long before I see them (I hate that smell).
Why not just give in and eat the gross little things? Well, obviously I am allergic, but not as severely as my mom (hence the throat and fever problems). The older I get the more sensitive I seem to be getting as well. So I apologize but you will never see them listed in my ingredients. I believe in only sharing recipes I actually have made and devoured. You can add them to almost anything but as for me I say “NEVER SAY PEPPER!”

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