Eating Rainbow Pt 9 (The end of a series of Yuminess)

It is the final part of our “eating rainbow” series. Are you as sad as I am? If you have been keeping track you know what color is coming up. But I must warn you, it isn’t glamorous…Yet.
Green is our final color. And although it is the enemy of children across the world, it really isn’t evil I promise.
List of vegetables in Assam
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Cucumbers are very filling, and very good sources of potassium and vitamin K. They are also supercharged for weight-loss.  They also have vitamin A, vitamin C, and Magnesium. Not bad for something that looks like green water on the inside.
Cucumbers aren’t just for pickling anymore: So maybe you have a 8 month old jar of pickles in the back of your fridge, and you are thinking that is good enough. First, throw it away that is gross. Second, cucumbers are your friends.  You can make salads out of them, with them or you can just eat them as part of a veggie tray. They are great on both hot and cold sandwiches. And try adding them to your next veggie soup for freshness and a boost in nutrients.
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Asparagus is my on again of again friend. I refuse to touch canned and frozen is iffy. So if I am going to digest something so sinister (yes sinister), It has to start fresh. Asparagus is an extremely good source of 16 different vitamins and minerals. Some of those are; Iron, copper, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin A, Protein, and Folate. If that isn’t enough Asparagus is very good at filling you up without filling you out. If you are worried about their smell they create when “leaving the body,” don’t be! Only a small percent of people can smell it, and only a small percent create that smell. It is actually in your DNA whether you are part of those people or not.
More Asparagus Spears for your Army: Getting more asparagus isn’t hard if you step up to the plate. Add asparagus to your favorite veggie mixes both cold and cooked. Wrap ham or other deli around it and roast it. You can even munch on it in a tartan (a layered dish that taste better than it sounds). And i you still aren’t sure what to do with it try the previously freshly pressed recipe for Asparagus and feta Quiche.
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You would think something as “insignificant” as parsley really wouldn’t have much nutritional value. Much like the old wives tale that parsley can fight bad breath, you’d be wrong. 1 cup of chopped parsley has over 100% DV of Vitamins A, C, and K. It actually has over 1000% of your DV of Vitamin K. (that is not a typo) Parsley even has zinc and fiber in large amounts. The only down side is when a piece is stuck on your tooth and no one bothers telling you.
Parsley should not be used sparsely: Parsley is an herb, which means the possibilities are nearly limitless. Add it to any soup, salad, marinade, stew, sauce, or mixture of meat. Sprinkle it on pretty much anything before you sear/grill it. Adding it to various fillings and the previously mentioned tartan, is also a good thing.
More green food and information about them:
The first extremely important green food is spinach. I already wrote a rather long post on spinach here. I will add you should not eat spinach while on antibiotics as sometimes it makes them fail depending on your body (I actually was reminded of that 2 days ago). Celery is famous for having “negative calories.” Celery has so few calories that it actually takes more to eat it than it gives you. Almost every herb is green; like cilantro, dill, oregano, bay leaves, and more. Don’t forget green fruits like, green apples and white grapes (but they are green). And Green is far from done. There are lettuces, and cabbages; peppers, and peas. And of course, green beans and brocoli chase small children in their sleep. I’ll leave you and this series with guava and green onions (not together), and say “goodbye eating rainbow; see you on my plate.”
And for all the other parts of this series here they are the easy way!

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