Eating Rainbow pt 6 (a series in yuminess continues)

We have gone through a lot of colors but don’t be sad we have plenty more to go. And even though this next color usually represents sadness the foods it represents will make you happy!
Blue is not an easy color to find in food. If there use to be blue food our ancestors probably thought it was dangerous and decided not to try it. There are some blue foods however and they are delicious!
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Blue berries are the obvious food when you think of blue. Some people will say “blueberries aren’t blue. They are purple.” To those people I say, “Nu-uh, not until you blend them up poopy head.” Blueberries are a very good source of Vitamins C and K. Also they are great for pregnant women by preventing troubles with blood sugar and “going.”

Blueberries that won’t make you sad: Blueberries are great for making sauces, smoothies, syrups, and dressings. They are also good additions to almost every baked good and salad.
Blue Potatoes:
English: Blue Salad PotatoBlue Potatoes are not your average potato. If they were they wouldn’t be blue (duh). Not all potatoes are created equal. The thing that makes blue potatoes that crazy color is an antioxidant called, “anthocyanin.” Anthocyanins help protect from Parkinson’s disease as well as various side-effects of aging. (just warn grandma before you switch out her potato salad)
We aren’t talking Blue French Fries: Swap out some or all of your “boring” potatoes for these blue jewels of yumminess. Use blue potatoes to make people think you are fancy and bring life to a party. If you have picky eaters Blue mashed potatoes will either freak them out or get them to try more new things!
Blue Crab:
A female Atlantic Blue Crab (Callinectes sapid...
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Blue Crabs are a wonderful source of Vitamin B-12. So wonderful, that a single serving, about 3 ounces of meat, has over 100% of your average DV needed. Blue Crab also contains protein which is important for everyone, especially those who don’t normally associate crab with anything but butter. Blue Crab has very little fat but, it does have about 25% of DV of cholesterol. So although it is not fatty like many think it is probably still not a good idea to eat until you explode. Your arteries will thank you for restraining yourself.

Don’t get “crabby” about blue crab: Put down the butter and try to think outside the buffet. Blue Crab is great with a little lemon. You can throw it in pretty much any pasta and sauce. And you can mak all kinds of yummy dips with crab shredded up. Don’t forget the sushi!
Are there anymore naturally blue foods?
There are a few more blue foods, though the list is short. There is Blue cheese, which is great in sauces, dips, and on top of baked chicken. There are also Blue Cheese and Blue Asparagus tips which are heavy in the same antioxidants as blue potatoes. So seek out those rare blue treasures and you will be rewarded with “yumminess” and nutrition!

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