Eating Rainbow Pt 5 (a series in yuminess continues)

Yesterday we took a little break but today we are going to explore a color that I usually do not get excited about. But when it comes to food it is one of the most delicious!
brown? ooohhhhhhhh…..brown!
Brown is not always the most appealing color in clothing but in food brown represents spices, and nuts, and of course chocolate.
Dark Chocolate:
English: Dark chocolate. Español: Chocolate negro.Image via Wikipedia
As I am sharing the nutrition of this please keep in mind that I am referring to dark chocolate that is 70-85% cocoa solids. The less of these solids you have in your chocolate, the less nutrition you have. One 4 ounce bar of dark chocolate has over 50% of your DV of iron. It also has a large amount of the antioxidants, copper and Maganese. And as a bonus it has over 40% of your needed dietary fiber. The warning here is it also contains over 350 calories of fat. The fat is what holds the nutrients in so it is very hard to have the good stuff without the bad. Moderation is your friend.
Eating candy all the time still isn’t a good idea: Normally I would tell you ways to get more of the featured food but in this case let’s talk about how to get those benefits in a more healthy way. 1 ounce of dark chocolate a day is a good way to get the benefits without ruining your diet. And if you are like many people and don’t like dark chocolate then mix.
A Cinnamon StickImage via Wikipedia
Cinnamon is not just something you mix with sugar to make it pretty. Cinnamon is a good source of iron and vitamin k. It also is a good source of calcium (you know like milk) and antioxidants (yay for antioxidants). The downside of cinnamon is, small children can’t say it very well.
Getting more cinnamon without making ridiculous amounts of cinnamon toast: Cinnamon is very versatile without sugar by its side. You can sprinkle it on your roasted veggies (not too much though) for a kick in flavor without a kick in sweet. You can also add it to almost any bread product including pancakes. And of course adding it to desserts is always an option if you just got to have that sweet combo.
English: Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis) Itali...
Image via Wikipedia
Almonds are generally underrated. They are a filling snack that won’t go rancid quickly like many other nuts. They are a strong anti-inflammatory. Your skin will thank you for eating more almonds because they are a very good source of vitamin E. And don’t forget the other vitamins and minerals like Iron, Riboflavin,  and protein in Almonds that are vital to your overall health.
Getting moe almonds that are chocolate covered: Almonds are a great snack by themselves but if you don’t feel like munching on them there are plenty of other ways to get them. Almond flour is great for baking in place of your all-purpose flour. It increases your nutrients without compromising flavor. Almond slivers and slices are also great additions to salads and fruits. Instead of sometimes feeling like a nut, maybe you should mostly feel like one.
Getting more brown is better than it sounds!
Other brown foods that are great additions to your diet aren’t mysterious or hard to get. Asian pears are delicious and if you haven’t tried them..go go go! Nutmeg is quickly growing in popularity in America as Nutella (coco and nutmeg) spread sweeps across the nation. And almost every kind of yummy nut is brown like, pecans and walnuts. So get more brown in your life without being grossed out. Good Luck!

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