Eating Rainbow Pt 3 (A series in Yumminess continues)

Yesterday the “color” was black and everyone contained the urge to say “BLACK ISN’T A COLOR!” For that I thank you. So far, red seems to give tons of vitamin c and black has antioxidants like crazy. So what is today’s color and will it be worthy enough to be added to your diet?

Violet food has hidden powers.

Technically the color is purple but in the rainbow it is violet. You get the point though. There are actually quite a few purple foods and some that are deceiving. Purple contains fruits and vegetables almost exclusively. However, they are part of an extremely diverse, and sometimes forgotten, group of amazing food
Aubergines from
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Eggplant and I have a very tumultuous relationship. I love the idea of eggplant but it took a long time for us to get along. It is an excellent source of fiber (especially if you are trying to avoid prunes). It also has a significant amount of Potassium and Maganese which are both very good for you. One other benefit that many will enjoy is its ability to reduce heartburn.
How to get more: Like I said it took a while for me to step up to the eggplant plate. First thing you should do is find dishes where eggplant is the main star like eggplant parmesan (which I love). The other thing you can do is throw your eggplant into ANY tomato based sauce. It gives it a little flavor and texture but it will never over power the sauce.
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Radicchio is very similar to red cabbage. It has zero health downfalls with no fat, sodium, sugar, or cholesterol. It’s biggest asset is over 125% of your DV of Vitamin K. In case you don’t know Vitamin K is very important with keeping your arteries from hardening, preventing osteoporosis, and keeping your body responding to cuts properly. It is thought to also help prevent some cancers.
Getting more is easy: Radicchio can be chopped and shredded just like any other cabbage or lettuce. Throw it in salads, cole slaw, and sometimes I put it on sandwiches. You’ll add color, flavor, and nutrients. You can even toss it into some pasta or rice.


Taro Root:
עברית: טיגון אצבעות חציליםImage via Wikipedia
A lot people have no idea what taro is, but I grew up with it. Living in Hawaii makes getting taro easy and I am so excited when I see a frozen yogurt place that is actually serving taro yogurt. Taro has even more fiber and potassium than eggplant! It also has essential Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E in quantities that will get you feeling good all over. The only problem I have with it is its difficulty in most of mainland US to get it. But fear not! most asian markets carry frozen taro if not fresh and the more ppl buy the more they will supply!
Getting more taro not such an easy task, (yet):  I am not gonna lie getting more taro is hard. I do enjoy eating it as fat-free frozen yogurt/ice. It is great for dessert soups, cakes and puddings, and it makes a good substitute or addition to any yam recipe.  Coconut pairs well with it if you aren’t sure where to start.
Want to make it purple rain?
(Sorry I couldn’t resist)
Other purple foods may seem scary but trust me and try them. Purple cauliflower is a great way to get kids to try a new vegetable and I honestly like it better than white. When I say purple cheeses I don’t mean any strange mutant cheeses. Some blue cheeses actually have a purple color rather than a blue or green one. These are great additions to hot dips. Grapes are a good standby and not the least bit scary. Plums are also another delicious “purple” food just don’t bite the pit! So if you are feeling a little purple (and you are not suffocating) embrace it and have some of these yummy eats!


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