Steamed about a steamer? Not at all.

So, I went to one of the many international markets here and my heart sang as I saw one of my favorite guilty pleasures, Bàhn Bao (aka Chinese Pork Bun). In my excitement I grabbed the already made frozen goodness, and cheerfully added it to my basket of goodies. I don’t do a lot of already made things, but this I could not pass up.

I got home ,and before I even figured out what I would have with my mini delight, I came to a shocking revelation…I don’t have a steamer …I don’t even have a steamer pot for a double boiler. I panicked for a second because; to microwave a pork bun destroys the outside and the inside will still be frozen. You can’t place it in direct heat; or again messed up outside, and frozen inside.

But then I remembered I have all I need to make a steamer; and if you realize you need one in pinch this should work for you too!


Take a pot and put water in it (easy and obvious).
Put a metal chalandar over it.
Place what you are steaming in the chalandar and then put a standard lid that will cover your food on top of that.
It steams just as well as a steamer and it looks funny but that is ok.

SO my pork buns were saved and my lunch was delicious. I had the bun a grilled turkey wrap and guava nectar. SEE!

And it was worth the crazy steamer.

Tell me what you have to say! I will listen :D

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