First Meal the Next day.

Now I can eat a good meal over and over until it is all gone but I am weird so it is time to discuss what to do with those.

 Next Day Leftover Solutions

So you have these 1/4 inch pork chops all cooked up and although good they aren’t really a meal all by themselves. And that salad is good cold but you want something more.

First: I made a toasted bbq sandwich out of them.
You will need 2 pieces of bread, your pork chops, swiss cheese, your favorite bbq sauce and a big slice of tomato. You can also add some lettuce or spinach for a leafy green I just don’t like lettuce :p
~Heat up your pork chop in the microwave or the oven with a big spoonful of barbecue sauce on it.
~Toast your toast and begin assembling your sandwich.
~I think I like bottom toast, pork, swiss cheese, tomato and then the leafy green before closing it up the best. Simple quick and easy especially on the go! I just had the salad cold on the side for this one.
Second: I made a quick pork and pasta dish with tomato sauce.
You will need your pork chops cut into strips, an egg, a 1/4 cup of water, bread crumbs or panko crumbs (japanese bread crumbs), your cooking oil of choice, your Fuseli salad, and  your favorite spaghetti sauce or homemade tomato sauce.
~Mix your egg and water in a small bowl to make an egg wash (you don’t wash eggs with it).
~Dip your pork in the egg wash then coat it in the bread crumbs and Pre-heat a pan with about 2 tablespoons of oil on med-high to high heat.
~put your pork in the pan and cook each side long enough to cook the outside to nice and crispy. remember you pork is already cooked so you are just cooking the egg wash and heating the pork back up.
~Put your sauce and your salad into a pot. Don’t drown your salad just add enough sauce to coat everything. Heat it all up on medium stirring occasionally
~once everthing is hot and ready put your new pasta/sauce on a plate and put your pork on top. Don’t forget to enjoy!

As always you can switch out parts of any recipe to make your own creation and adjust to what you like. American cheese is a good substitute if you don’t like swiss in the sandwich ~_^

Tell me what you have to say! I will listen :D

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